Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 7

Create a professional red rock aquascape

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  • Everything you need to create an iconic aquascape
  • Designed to be friendly to first-time aquascapers
  • Plant pack and rock pack sold separately
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This Hugo Kamishi rock display makes creating an impressive aquascape display simple, made up of 4 different rock designs that you can position how you like in your aquarium. The full kit is suitable for 80cm aquariums you can of course use less rocks if you have a smaller aquarium, to create the different heights the individual pieces are hollow at the bottom so they can be buried in your substrate/sand.

In the image above gravel and sand has been used, however, if you plan on using real plants we would recommend using Eco Complete substrate from the Caribsea range or the Tropica substrate. The plants are sold separate as some aquascapers prefer to use real plants within our resin rocks. Included with the kit is a detailed instruction of how to create the look in the picture but you can place these rocks many ways in your aquarium

The decor within these kits are easy to clean, just remove from your aquarium and rinse out in some aquarium water . Any algae which has accumulated can be removed by a cloth.

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