Hugo Kamishi Black Lava Rock

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Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Rocks look great placed in any aquascaped aquarium - lots of different options available to you from Swell UK.


  • Black Lava Rock 10-15cm 15kg
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Product Information

Natural-looking fish tanks contain a range of products that you can expect to find in rivers and seas around the world. Hugo Kamishi's rocks, slates and stones are beautiful additions to your aquarium, giving you options for a design that is sure to impress your guests.

The sparkle in this rock is amazing. The pictures really don't do it justice, it has its own unique appearance to help your tank burst with character. Hugo Kamishi has put a lot of thought into the rock and stones they sell, to reflect aspects of peace and tranquillity. Rocks, slate and stones are natural products that add life to your tank - helping your fish to feel at home and in natural surroundings. Match with our range of natural substrates to complete the look.

  • Suitable for reef and marine aquariums.
  • Suitable for Cichlid and hard water aquariums.
  • Clean, safe and easy to build with.
  • Free of nuisance algae and pests.
  • Large surface area for bacterial colonisation.
  • Bond together to form larger structures.

*Images are for display purposes only and the rock you receive may not look exactly like image above

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