Hugo Kamishi Orange Anemone

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  • Orange Anemone
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This adorable mini Anemone ornament is perfect for smaller aquariums, everyone will love it! Add this beautiful coral to your tank to add colour and a touch of the ocean reef. All of our artificial corals are handcrafted and very carefully engineered to be marine safe, they will withstand the trials and tribulations of the saltwater habitat. They provide long lasting colour and are easy to maintain.

We have many different varieties in this collection and so you can continue to create amazing reefscapes until your heart is content. Simply rinse, place in the desired location and if needed secure with a small dab of underwater reef glue. To clean your artificial corals simply wipe with a soft brush. These are a superb remedy for filling in those gaps in your aquarium. They are not effected by any of your aquarium inhabitants becoming a little aggressive. Plus a key benefit is that you don't have to feed them!

Dimensions - W5xD5xH3

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    Date 25/06/2020 10:06am
    Hugo Kamishi Orange Anemone
    Feefo Logo
    Great little ornament!
    Glows in the dark.
    Collects a lovely amount of algae for my butterfly Pleco to graze on.