Hydor Aquarium Heater

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This Hydor Aquarium Heater is durable and reliable, meaning you can trust it to ensure your tropical aquarium is heated to the perfect temperature to encourage the aquatic life inside it to thrive.


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Product Information

At Swell UK get the best price for Hydor Aquarium Heaters (formerly the Hydor Theo Heater), which are the perfect heaters for your tropical tank.

Packed with safe, intelligent features that not only ensure your fish are in the right climate, but that they are safe too!

The heater is shock resistant and shatter proof so it can withstand long use and any tough treatment in the tank. It can be placed either vertically or horizontally for optimum use, and of course it can be completely submerged too.

The patented PTC heating system guarantees operation in complete security which avoids the risk of dry running.

Suitable for use in marine, tropical or amphibian tanks, and is great for larger fish and turtles.

ProductGuaranteeLengthAquarium Size
Hydor Aquarium Heater 25w 2 Year17.8cm / 7" 10 - 25ltr
Hydor Aquarium Heater 50w 2 Year17.8cm / 7" 20 - 50ltr
Hydor Aquarium Heater 100w 2 Year22.6cm / 8.9" 60 - 100ltr
Hydor Aquarium Heater 150w 2 Year30.6cm /12" 90 - 150ltr
Hydor Aquarium Heater 200w2 Year30.6cm /12" 100 - 200ltr

Key Features:

  • Graduate Scale: Precise maintenance of set temperature.
  • Free Positioning: Can be placed vertical, horizontal and completely submerged
  • Shock resistant, thanks to the PTC heating element and shatter-proof glass tube
  • Universal Heater - Suitable for Marine and Tropical Aquariums

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 28/11/2016 07:11am
    Hydor Aquarium Heater 150w
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    Both heaters were pretty accurate to the settings on the dial
  • Rating
    Date 26/01/2015 10:01am
    Hydor Aquarium Heater 150w
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