Hydor Koralia 3G Circulation Pump

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Hydor Koralia Third Generation 3G Circulation pumps are a fantastic new range of pumps which are smaller but more efficient and set at a fantastic price. This super compact aquarium pump is energy efficient and equipped with a new synchronous motor and a NEW patented Dual Magnetic Support.


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Product Information

This Third Generation Pump has been designed to be suitable for controllers with many on/off settings without noise. The Third Generation has been designed 30% smaller and more compact than the previous Koralia models. Some of the pumps are 50% smaller than the previous range.

The NEW patented Dual Magnetic Support System (DMSS) allows the user to position the pump freely inside the aquarium. The pump will also pivot in virtually any direction to guarantee high flow where you need it in your tank.

The pumps are extremely energy efficient with the new motor design. The new propeller profile and new intake spiral grid is state of the art in energy efficiency. Only 1 watt per 275 GPH flow.

Each of the Third Generation pumps come with three unique attachments which means you can customise your flow and fish protection.

FLOW DIFFUSER - Ideal for a wider and gentler flow.
SMALL FISH GUARD - Ideal for protection of smaller fish and shrimp.
MEDIUM FISH GUARD - Ideal for protection of small to medium fish and shrimp.

Koralia 3rd Generation 5000lph 3.5w 5000lph 2.5m L: 102mm x Dia: 77mm 300 to 600 litres 200 to 330 litres 2 Years
Koralia 3rd Generation 7000lph 4.5w 7000lph 2.5m L: 102mm x Dia: 77mm 400 to 800 litres 280 to 450 litres 2 Years
Koralia 3rd Generation 9000lph 6.3w 9000lph 2.5m L: 102mm x Dia: 77mm 500 to 1000 litres 360 to 600 litres 2 Years

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 27/08/2018 19:08pm
    Hydor Koralia 3rd Generation 5000lph
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    Great product. Less bulk for great flow. I will be purchasing another in due course.
  • Rating
    Date 12/06/2018 16:06pm
    Hydor Koralia 3rd Generation 9000lph
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    Quiet, Low Power and even comes with fish guards.
  • Rating
    Date 30/04/2017 08:04am
    Hydor Koralia 3rd Generation 7000lph
    Feefo Logo
    Compact, powerful pump. Quiet & extremely energy efficient. Excellent magnetic attachment for easy positioning in the aquarium.
  • Rating
    Date 12/04/2017 05:04am
    Hydor Koralia 3rd Generation 9000lph
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    Goes great in my 200 gallon south american cichlid setup !!
  • Rating
    Date 16/07/2016 06:07am
    Hydor Koralia 3rd Generation 9000lph
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    Quick deliverty