Hydor KPM Wavemaker Pump - WI-FI Controllable

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Designed to create a gentle, natural water flow, this WIFI-controlled Aqamai KPM wavemaker is the smallest size in its flow category! Combining Wi-Fi control through the Aqamai app with Koralia DC pump technology, the KPM wavemaker is a professional and fully programmable wavemaker.


  • KPM Wavemaker Pump - WI-FI Controllable
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Product Information

The virtually silent, energy efficient KPM pump uses a patented magnet mount system for easy positioning in the aquarium. The 2 meter pump power cable makes it easy to instal the pump in deep tanks.

The water flow and pulse is programmable through the app (Android and iOS). You'll be able to choose from pre-programmed environmental modes or you can create your own! The pump control module can be mounted out of the way inside your aquarium stand/cabinet.

These pumps can be controlled via your smart phone and offer user-friendly technical capabilities. Simplicity is the key to their design, with no need for additional controllers to manage your devices.

Flow Modes:

  • Yellow: Constant Mode
  • Blinking Orange: Wave Mode
  • Purple: Smooth Mode
  • Green: Random Mode
  • Cyan: Feed Mode
  • Blue: Night Mode

What's included?

  • 1 Aqamai KPM Powerhead
  • 1 Patented Dual Magnet Support System (DMSS)
  • 1 Pump Cable
  • 1 Power Cable
  • 1 Pump Controller
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 1 Operating manual


  • Max flow: 1,050 - 2,700 GPH/4500-10500 LPH
  • Max Glass Thickness: .78" - Up to 20mm (0,78in)
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 67mm
  • Rated for: 50-120 gallon aquariums
  • Wattage 12-25w
  • Suitable for 50-125 gallon aquariums

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