Hydor KPS Wavemaker Pump - WI-FI Controllable

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A fully controllable wavemaker pump, controllable via Wi-Fi making adjustment easy and accurate. Using Koralia design and 3rd gen features makes this pump robust reliable and affordable!


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Product Information

Hydor's KPS is a professional and full programmable wavemaker pump for your aquarium. Created with the best performances of Koralia design and the full customisable DC pump technology. The KPS comes with the patented DMSS (Dual Magnetic Support System) that will assure you a full adjustability and the maximum vibration absorption.

Not only is the Hydor KPS really small, it is wirelessly controllable with any smart mobile phone, allowing you to quickly and easily dial in flow rates and to program different flow patterns. The KPS is built in the same design as the 3rd gen Korallia with a tiny volume, even smaller dual magnetic mount, and great specs to boot. Wi-Fi control via Aqamai App, no mechanical controls needed.

The Hydor KPS is less then two inches in diameter (48mm) and just two and a half inches long (63mm) yet it packs enough punch to flow up a pretty decent volume. The KPS is adjustable up to 4700lph while using only 10 watts and it can mount on to tank thicknesses up to 15mm thick. great for beginners that can choose from a number of pre-set programs but also great for the experienced keeper as you can personalise the daily program settings to your own requirements.

KPS Wavemaker Pump 63mm x 48mm 1400 - 4150lph 4-10w 15mm 40-2000ltr

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