Hydor products

Their fully submersible Koralia pumps are great for use as circulation pumps, graded for both marine and freshwater environments. Designed to be easy to install, each comes with a built in fish net and works at lower power consumption levels than most, saving you money in the long run when it comes to your electricity bill.

Hydor put a little more style into their designs too, ensuring that they don’t look ugly out of place in your otherwise beautiful aquarium. This goes for their heaters and thermostats too, ensuring you get the performance you need to optimise the water for your fish, without ruining your look.

Swell UK have been Hydor fans for some time now, and many other their aquarium kits can be found on our shelves as well as in our homes – we are enthusiasts too, so we love people ringing up to pick our brains on Hydor equipment, just call us on 0161 3514700 to have a friendly chat or get and order underway.