Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria

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You fish can be subject to internal bacteria that can be difficult to notice, but this Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria water treatment can help them fight any infections off!


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Product Information

Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria clears internal systematic bacterial infections in fish, such as those caused by Pseudomonas, Aeromonas and Vibrio bacteria species, which are a very common problem for aquarium keepers.

Easily treat infections without the need for vet visits. However always check with a health professional if you are unsure.

It is also safe for use with filters, fish and aquarium plants and will not colour the aquarium water.

Dosage: 5ml treats 25 litres.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums
  • Harmless to filters, fish and plants
  • Includes guide to fish health, pipette and measuring cup

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