Interpet Anti Parasite, Slime and Velvet Plus

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Interpet Anti Slime and Velvet is a single dose treatment designed to effectively destroy slime disease and velvet parasites, leaving your fish with the chance to lead healthy and happy lives.


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Product Information

Its natural for fish to carry a small population of microscopic skin and gall parasites. In healthy fish, this population is kept in check. But when fish are stressed, this population rapidly increases and endangers the fishs life. Often this causes the fish to increase its mucus production, resulting in the so-called "slime symptom".
Anti Parasite, Slime and Velvet eradicates velvet, flukes and protozoan parasites from your aquarium, helping your fish to regain a healthy balance and return to health.
Use for removing parasites from your aquarium such as microscopic protozoan parasites (Costia/Ichthyobodo), Trichodina, flukes (Gyrodactylus) and Velvet (Piscinoodinium).

Do not use with scaleless fish or invertebrates.

Signs of Slime Disease:

  • Cloudy patches
  • Difficult breathing
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite

Signs of Velvet Parasite:

  • Small gold to white spots
  • Scratching
  • Weight Loss
  • Trouble breathing

Dosage: 5ml treats 25 litres of water.

Key Feature:

  • Harmless to filters
  • For use with freshwater fish only
  • Includes comprehensive guide to fish health, pipette and measuring cup
  • Not to be used with mormyrids

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    Interpet Anti Slime and Velvet - 100ml
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