Interpet Anti White Spot 100ml

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Interpet Anti White Spot is a fast and effective treatment for white spot in freshwater aquariums. As one of the most common parasites to plague fish, white spot can be deadly and should be treated as soon as diagnosed.


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Product Information

Interpet Anti White Spot helps to effectively eliminate freshwater white spot or Ick as it is also known. White spot is one of the most common parasites to attack aquarium fish.

Signs to look out for:

  • Scratching against rocks and decor
  • Disorientated swimming
  • Tiny white spots

This water treatment is ideal for use in coldwater and tropical freshwater aquariums and includes a guide. It also includes a pipette and measuring cup to help provide precise measurements of medication.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates white spot in freshwater aquariums
  • Only for use with freshwater fish
  • Includes dosage instructions, pipette and measuring cup

Dosage: 1ml per 10 litres, 100ml treats 500 litres.

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