Interpet Aquarium Anti Fungus and Finrot

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Interpet Anti Fungus and Finrot can help your aquarium fish by being use as an excellent treatment of fungus, finrot and cotton wool disease in aquarium fish


  • Aquarium Anti Fungus and Finrot 100ml
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Product Information

Interpet Aquarium Anti Fungus and Finrot is designed for fast and effective treatment of:

  • Finrot (Mycobacteria sp.)
  • Mouth rot (Flexibacter sp.)
  • Cotton wool disease (Saprolegnia sp.)

As soon as the presence of any of these conditions has been confirmed treatment must commence in order to prevent spreading of the diseases and death of the fish. This treatment does not cause colouration to the water and is completely harmless to filters, aquarium plants and most importantly the aquarium fish.

Suitable for use in coldwater, tropical and freshwater aquariums.

Dosage: 1ml per 5 litres, 100ml treats 500 litres.

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