Interpet Aquaverse Vision LED and Cabinet

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With a large face front for better viewing the Aquaverse Vision is a favourite amongst fish keepers. Updated with bright LED lighting and new, larger front face, these are as close as it gets to the perfect mid-size aquarium.


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Product Information

The Aquaverse range is highly rated in the aquarist world. Upgraded from the original design they now come with modern, high-output LED lights that provide bright enough light for most plant species. Not to mention that the colours of your fish and décor will look more impressive than ever. Want to be able to enjoy your aquarium at night too? Switch the light to night mode for soft blue light.
And there's no need to be daunted by tank maintenance - you'll have clear and healthy water thanks to the CF Easy Care filtration system which includes foams, carbon, bio media and an Algae prevention pad, all of them included in this excellent aquarium kit.

Key Features:

  • Flexible aquarium system for coldwater or tropical aquariums
  • Slim profile and extra wide front face for a larger viewing area
  • Choice of 70L and 100L capacity aquariums
  • The Easy Care Filter keeps water healthy and clear with its 4 stage filtration process.
  • The bright LED lighting brings out the beauty of your aquarium and stimulates healthy plant growth
  • Bioactive tapsafe plus 50ml

ProductTank SizeDimensionsFilterGuarantee
Aquaverse Vision LED 70L and Cabinet70L45 x 61 x 32 cm
Internal Cartridge Filter CF11 year
Aquaverse Vision LED 100L and Cabinet100L51.5 x 76.5 x 31.2 cmInternal Cartridge Filter CF21 year

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