Interpet Liquifry Marine

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Use Interpet Liquifry Marine to help feed your corals and other marine inverts, giving them a tasty but nutritious meal for the benefit of their health and happiness.

Product Information

Interpet Liquifry Marine is a delicious and nutritious food for all filter feeding marine invertebrates including:

  • Tube worms
  • Flame scallops
  • Tridacna clams
  • Soft and hard filter feeding corals

This liquid food contains a mix of vegetable origins, eggs and egg products, yeasts and EC preservatives. The protein content is an impressive 34.5% to ensure that the organisms receive the most nutritious diet possible.

Remember to turn off any protein skimmers 15 minutes whilst feeding this product. This will stop it being filtered out of the water.

Directions for use:

  • Add 1 drop per 4-5 litres of aquarium water or
  • 1 x 1ml pipette per 45 litres of aquarium water (pipette included) or
  • 1 capful per 200 litres of aquarium water, every other day.
  • Be careful not to over feed, as this can lead to excess water pollution.

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