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Interpet River Reef LED Aquarium 48 Litre

An efficient 48 litre marine fish tank

At a glance...
  • Stylish, curved 48 l aquarium with LED lighting
  • Integrated filter and heater system
  • 1 year guarantee
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The Interpet River Reef has high performance LED Lighting and comes complete with efficient blue and white 0.2w low voltage LED's which create a beautiful ripple effect. The bright white LED is ideal for plant growth without encouraging any algae build up. The Blue Moon creates a softer, more relaxed environment which is ideal for night time viewing.

Included with this aquarium is the filter and heater which means the tank can be used for marine or tropical. The filter system is a 4 chamber integrated design and includes the coarse foams, polymer wool. The 48L circulates 550 ltr per hour.

For freshwater tropical aquariums the recommended max total length of adult fish is (excluding tail) 57cm. Prime examples are Cockatoo dwarf Cichlid's or Harlequins. For Marine and coral, some examples are, Common Clown and Pulse Coral, Xeina. A heater can be installed anywhere in the tank as long as it is submersed, however it is recommended that the heater is installed within the integrated back filter (chamber 1) for convenient access and effective use.

Each aquarium comes with an easy start aquarium kit in the form of two essential water treatments. The Bioactive Tap safe makes tap water safe to use in your aquarium. The Filter start helps to kick start the essential biological filter system by adding beneficial bacteria that help eliminate harmful waste.

Key Features:

  • Simple and unobtrusive lid keeps controls safe and sound.
  • Integrated filter and heater system cleans and heats your water with one convenient piece of kit.
  • Blue and white LED lights stimulate plant health and let you choose a subtle evening look.
  • Touch sensitive LED On/Off control for easy lighting control.
  • 12 months guarantee.

Box Contains:

  • 48 Litre Aquarium.
  • Integrated back filter.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Low Voltage Power Hub.
  • Heater.
  • Water Treatment.
  • Quick Start Guide.


Brand Fluval
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Black
Dimensions 53x51x44cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 1 Year
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? Yes
Volume 94l
Other Hardware Low Voltage Power Hub
Pump? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Weight 12.1kg
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