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At a glance...
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates all species of algae
  • Not harmful to fish and microorganisms
  • For freshwater aquariums
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JBL Algol effectively fights algae in freshwater aquariums, while containing no heavy metals and being harmless for the aquarium fish. It will remove green, brown and slimy algae to ensure you can keep your aquarium healthy.

JBL Algol has been designed to effectively remove algae from the freshwater aquarium and includes a measuring screw cap that allows for precise doses to be administered.

Key Features:

  • Solves algae problems.
  • Effective without copper.
  • Harmless to fish only (including catfish).
  • Reliably combats various types of algae.
  • Safe for use with plants.


  • One screw cap (outer side / 2.5ml) for every 10 litres of aquarium water.
  • One screw cap (inner side / 7.5ml) for every 30 litres of aquarium water.
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