JBL Aqua-T Triumph

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This JBL Aqua-T Triumph is one of the best aquarium algae scrapers on the market, featuring a stainless steel blade designed not to harm the silicone seal on your fish tank. Safe, effective and cheap at Swell UK.


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Product Information

The JBL Aqua-T Triumph is a great algae scraper for larger aquariums. It boasts a 14cm stainless steel blade that will effortlessly eradicate algae problems.

The blade is resistant to salt water and will not corrode easily. Providing long lasting performance and a beautifully clean tank.

The scraper will not damage the silicone on your aquarium, thanks to the unique spacing of the blades. The silicone remains unharmed, avoiding leaks and other potential problems.

The Triumph also has a blade cover that serves as a scraper to safely clean the outside of your tank, without scratching. The sturdy handle makes it easy to reach the most awkward places without much hassle.

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