JBL Artemio Fluid 50ml

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Get this JBL Artemio Fluid top up for your Artemio brine shrimp breeding system, ensuring your aquarium live food has the nutrition it needs to grow healthy for your fish.


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Product Information

Artemio Fluid from JBL is the ideal accompaniment for the JBL Artemio Set.

This rich food is designed exclusively for artemia nauplii. It contains ultra-fine homogenized phytoplankton and other essential nutrients to boost healthy growth. It contains sufficient amounts of Vitamins A, B1,2 and 6, C, D3, E, Biotin, K3, Folic Acid, and more.

To use simply add one drop at a time until the water appears light green in colour. More should be added when the water turns clear again.

50ml bottle.

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