JBL BioNitrat EX 240g

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JBL BioNitrat EX allows you to effectively eliminate the presence of algae, without needing to use chemical additives. By introducing a nitrate-eliminating bacteria into the water the algae is literally starved to death, as it is deprived of nitrate.


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Product Information

To eliminate algae from your fish tank without harsh chemicals, choose JBL's BioNitrat Ex.

Suitable to use in most aquariums, this product will introduce a nitrate busting bacteria in to the water which will starve the algae. BioNitrat Ex contains food for the algae too, so it works independently to ensure a clear, clean tank.

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Key Features:

  • Removes the main nutrient of algae, nitrates from the water.
  • Operates exclusively through nitrate-eliminating bacteria, without the use of chemical additives or exchange products.
  • Bacteria need no extra feeding, as substrate includes feed.
  • Also suitable for use in marine aquariums.
  • Treats up to 200ltr aquariums.

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