JBL Blanki Set

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This JBL Blanki Set gives you everything you need to rid your tank of stubborn patches of algae and dirt on your aquarium glass, in a way that shouldn't scratch your glass, leaving you with a clear and perfect view of your aquatic paradise.


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Product Information

The JBL Blanki Set combines the excellent Blanki with a 45cm handle to reach the most awkward places in your aquarium.

The Blanki can be easily attached to the handle, and then even the deepest aquarium can be cleaned of algae and calcium build-up with little effort. The scrubbing pad can be angled to reach the most difficult of places

The Blanki is made from stainless steel and removes the toughest algae deposits without scratching the glass. The addition of the aluminium handle makes keeping your clean quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel scrubbing pad
  • 45cm aluminium handle to reach deepest recesses of the tank
  • Cleans away the toughest algae blooms, dirt and calcium deposits

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