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Test for levels of calcium in your aquarium using this easy and accurate JBL Calcium Test Set 'Ca' from Swell UK. Getting the calcium levels in your tank just right means you are more likely to be successful with your coral reef.


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Product Information

JBL Calcium Test Set Ca is simple and easy to use for precise, easy to read results. Renowned for their expert aquatic products that make fish and reef keeping easier with beautiful results.

Calcium is a vital component in salt water as it is used to form healthy and strong skeletal formations in corals and other organisms. It is naturally depleted from the water in a healthy aquarium, so levels must be tested and replenished on a regular basis.

Dose the water accordingly with a calcium supplement to restore the correct proportions, JBL recommend that a calcium level of 400 - 440 mg/l is best for healthy corals.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for saltwater.
  • Includes all solutions, syringe and test tubes needed.
  • Colour changes from pink to blue.
  • Test shows calcium level in 20mg increments.

This test kit will be replaced by JBL Pro Aquatest Ca Calcium.

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