JBL Cleany

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JBL Cleany is a great set of cleaning brushes, featuring different sizes to allow you to remove limescale and other build ups from your aquarium tubing, keeping everything flowing perfectly as if your aquarium kit was new!


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Product Information

Keeping your aquarium clean can be an arduous task. Tubing especially can become dirty, and debris deposits build up, causing a real problem.

JBL's Cleany is an ingenious idea that will revolutionise how you clean your aquarium kit. The Cleany consists of a 160cm long, rust proof, steel spiral brushes that have different diameters on either end. As the brush passes through the tubing it will remove dirt and other debris, improving the performance of your equipment.

One brush suits all tubing up to 9mm internal diameter.

The other is suitable for 30mm.

Key Features:

  • Steel helix fitted with a brush at either end to clean hoses of 9 mm or 30 mm I.D. as applicable.
  • 160 cm long to clean all hoses.
  • Will prevent a performance loss from occurring across the filter.

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