JBL Clearol 100ml

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JBL Clearol is a water conditioner for aquariums of the highest quality, allowing you to achieve crystal clear waters in an otherwise cloudy aquarium - easy to use, just add the correct dose to your tank and watch it get to work.


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Product Information

JBL Clearol helps to rapidly produce crystal clear water, by removing all types of cloudiness, not usually collected by the filter.

It is completely safe for use with fish and plants and is only for use in aquariums with a pH level over 6. Clearol starts to work straight away for the best results.

Dosage: 100ml bottle treats approximately 400 litres / 88 gallons of water.

Key Features:

  • Quickly creates crystal-clear water.
  • Removes all types of cloudiness not collected by filter.
  • No negative influence on fish or plants.
  • Only use with pH-levels over six and CH levels over five degrees GKH.

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