JBL Ferropol 24 10ml

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JBl Ferropol 24 is added to your planted aquarium daily to help the growth and development of your natural aquascape. It features a whole host of essential vitamins, minerals and fertilisers to help your planted tank look its best.


  • Ferropol 24 10ml
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Product Information

JBL Ferropol 24 is a daily fertiliser for aquarium plants. Designed to be used with other JBL Fertiliser products such as Ferropol and AquaBasis, to ensure that a planted aquarium glows with health and vitality.

Even the most delicate aquarium plants will benefit from this daily supplement. Ferropol 24 contains a blend of vital iron, as well as manganese, copper, zinc and a host of other trace elements. This daily injection of essential components is ideal, as the elements get to work straight away instead of breaking down, as they might in a long term dose.

Ferropol 24 is free from any phosphates or nitrates, to avoid the risk of algae growth which can cause plant health issues as well as an unsightly tank.

To ensure that your plants have the best environment to thrive, CO2 is recommended in addition.

Key Features:

  • The daily feed for luxuriant aquarium plants.
  • Optimum, targeted care, provides all vital trace elements which cannot be provided by long-term fertilisers.
  • Promotes lush growth, even in delicate aquarium plants.
  • Prevents deficiencies.
  • Contains no phosphates or nitrates.
  • Optimum success together with JBL Ferropol (when changing water) and JBL AquaBasis plus (gravel substrate).

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