JBL Manado

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JBL Manado substrate for makes a nutrient rich and sturdy aquarium substrate for planted aquariums, giving your aquatic flora a tough base to spread their roots through and plenty of nutrients.


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Product Information

JBL's Manando substrate is perfect for the planted aquarium.

The rounded, large surface area of the granules will absorb pollutants, which helps to control the growth of algae. This rounded edge is also great to protect ground dwelling fish, as the soft edges won't harm their sensitive bodies.

It looks great too, the rich brown colour and natural texture create an authentic base layer for your aquarium, and a solid foundation for plants. Roots can spread and thrive in the substrate, allowing for maximum nutrient absorption.

As the porous texture absorbs pollutants, this supports the filtration system, making its job much easier and media can last a little longer.

Available in 3 different sizes; 1.5l, 3l and 5l. 

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