JBL NanoStart 15ml

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Get your nano aquarium's filter system up and running sooner with JBL NanoStart - helping to create and develop the colonies of healthy bacteria in your filter's biomedia sooner to remove the nitrates and ammonia from your tank water.


  • Nano Start 15ml
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Product Information

The JBL NanoStart is a bacterial starter for nano reef aquariums.

Nano Start contains 5 different types of nitrifying bacteria which will remove pollutants from the aquarium. It quickly matures the filter and prepares the water to safely house fish and invertebrates in small tanks of up to 40 litres.

Key Features:

  • For running in and starting up nano aquariums and their filters.
  • Makes filters and aquariums biologically active within 24 hours of first use.
  • With five different nitrifying bacteria strains for healthy, pollutant-free water.
  • Sufficient for one nano aquarium up to 40 litres.
  • Always use a water conditioner before adding bacterial starters.

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