JBL NovoBel 100ml-250ml

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A favourite of Swell's freshwater tropical keepers, this JBL NovoBel fish food makes up the staple diet of many fish, made from more natural ingredients such as algae and vegetables.


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Product Information

Tropical fish need a good staple food, and JBL's NovoBel is ideal, especially for fish of 3 to 20cm in size.

If you have a mixed and varied community of fish, then NovoBel is the best choice. It contains a blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals that will suits all type of tropical fish. Proteins are derived from fish and fish derivatives, vegetables and algae.

NovoBel also has the bioelement Inosite, which supports a healthy immune system and aids stress and disease resistance. Added vitamin C also promotes a stronger constitution and healthier fish.

The food is made up of 7 types of flake, so that all species can feed well. It has a balanced level of phosphates so that the risk of algae is reduced. JBL incorporate their Clear Water Formula in this food, which means it produces little waste, so your aquarium stays cleaner for longer.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed little and often. Never more than your fish can eat, and remove uneaten food after a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • A balanced, complete food.
  • 7 types of flake for all fish.
  • Low phosphate so reduced algae content.
  • Vitamin C and E for boosted immune system & antioxidants.

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