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JBL NovoBel Refill Pack 750ml

Refill your NovoBel fish food supply

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At a glance...
  • Staple food for a mixed tropical aquarium
  • Seven types of flake food for all fish
  • Perfect to restock the larger 1 l JBL container
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The JBL NovoBel Refill Pack is perfect to restock the larger 1 litre JBL container. The pack can be resealed, so bought and used alone. The food will remain dry and fresh for longer, saving both money and time.

It contains around 750ml of NovoBel food which is the perfect staple food for a mixed tropical aquarium. 7 different flakes mean that all types of fish can feed.

Packed with fish and vegetable proteins plus a variety of vitamins and minerals to boost overall health and vitality, NovoBel is an ideal everyday diet for tropical fish. It has a balanced phosphate level to avoid algae growth, and uses JBL's Clear Water Formula to ensure little waste.

It has added inosite, a bio-element which supports a strong immune system and resistance to stress and diseases. Plus added vitamin C also supports immunity, meaning that your fish reap the benefits of a superbly healthy diet.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed little and often, feed just as much as your fish will eat. Remove excess food after a few minutes to avoid a waste problem.

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