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JBL NovoPleco 100ml-250ml

Designed to keep Pleco catfish well fed and healthy

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  • Food chips for sucker-mouth catfish
  • Clear water formula with 10% wood fibre
  • Nutrient rich profile to support health
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JBL NovoPleco Algae Chips are designed exclusively for Pleco Cat Fish and other sucker mouth cat fished.

NovoPlec contains a high amount of wheatgerm, spirulina algae, nutrients and 10% wood fibres to create the best possible food source. The chips sink to the bottom of the aquarium so that plant eating, ground feeders can access the food as they would in the wild.

The stability of JBL NovoPleco Chips in water ensures that the slow-feeding fish have sufficient time to feed without unnecessary pollution of the water. They also contain stabilised vitamin C and other vital vitamins strengthen resistance to disease.

Key Features:

  • Herbivorous Plecs need food containing 10% of wood for digestion, the exact amount these chips contain.
  • As the New-style chips do not dissolve in water, they do not pollute the water and give shy fish the opportunity to feed in peace late.
  • In addition to Spiruline the vegetable matter, the chips, which sink in the water, also contain energy-providing wheatgerm.

Analysis: Crude Protein 30%, Crude fat 8%, Crude fibre 13%, Crude ash 12%

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