JBL NovoPrawn 100ml

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Ensure even your smaller species of prawn are well fed and healthy with JBL NovoPrawn shrimp food. Each morsel is tailor made to their nutritional needs and features everything they need to develop health bodies.


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Product Information

JBL NovoPrawn has been designed exclusively to feed smaller species of prawns, such as Caridina and Neocarinda.

It will keep its shape for longer, lasting around 24 hours before dissolving. So it gives your prawns more time to eat. They also produce little waste, which cuts down on maintenance and keeps the tank cleaner.

Each pearl is just 2-3mm in diameter, making it ideal for most prawns or shrimp to eat and digest easily. It has 5% spirulina algae content to provide a good level of natural nourishment, to support healthy growth and weight gain. It also contains other vegetable matter such as nettles, and fish proteins for superb health.

It also contains a high dose of cellulose which is an essential element for a healthy chitin shell. JBL have worked with shrimp specialists to ensure that this food is perfectly balanced and packed with the necessary nutrients.

If you have filter feeding shrimp such as the Atyopis Moluccnsis, the NovoTab food is a better choice. These types of shrimp need a dissolvable, smaller particle to feed sufficiently.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 1 - 2 pearls per prawn/shrimp.

Key Features:

  • With spirulina and nettle for a boost of protein.
  • Promotes colours.
  • Contains cellulose for a healthy shell.
  • Vitamin C will strengthen immune system.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 01/10/2021 08:10am
    JBL Novo Prawn 100ml
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    Very good very quick delivery
  • Rating
    Date 30/09/2021 00:09am
    JBL Novo Prawn 100ml
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    Good product and my amanos like it
  • Rating
    Date 20/07/2020 08:07am
    JBL Novo Prawn 100ml
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    Small, sinking granules. Granules are very hard, so they don't dissolve quickly - gives time for shrimp to find them. Can be tricky to dispense from this package though.