JBL NovoRift 133g

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JBL NovoRift is a tailor made fish food for cichlids, especially those of East African origins, featuring a rich food base of veg and algae to replicate their diet in the wild, ensuring a better chance of health and happiness in your aquarium environment.


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Product Information

JBL NovoRift is the perfect food for Cichlids from the lakes of the East African Rift Valley, such as the Tropheus or Pseudotropheus species.

Made with a high level of vegetable matter and spirulina algae, these pellets also include fatty acids and carotenoids to boost the immune system and skin colours. Vital vitamins and minerals are also included in the recipe to ensure that your Cichlids have everything they need.

The pellets are designed to retain their shape, which makes them easy for fish to find and means that they cause little pollution in the water.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Adult Cichlids 1-2 times per day, just a small amount.
  • Young Cichlids 3-4 times per day, again just a small amount.
  • Remove uneaten food after 20 minutes.

Key Features:

  • 90% vegetable matter.
  • 10% animal protein.
  • Spirulina algae.
  • Includes vitamin E antioxidants.

Analysis: Crude protein - 31%, Crude fat - 3%, Crude fibre - 5.5%, Crude ash - 11%

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