JBL NovoStick XL

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The largest types of carnivorous aquarium fish will love tucking into these JBL NovoStick XL, giving them a high dose of protein for healthy growth and maintenance of their bodies.


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Product Information

JBL NovoStick XL are designed just for large carnivorous Cichlids and other big meat eating aquarium fish. These pellets are great for fish of 15 - 35cm in size.

Large fish need a good diet for the best growth and development, so the Novosticks are ideal. Pakced with aquatic animal proteins, vegetable matter, vitamins and minerals the food will provide a tasty, nutrition packed diet.

The pellets also have added vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system and resistance to disease and infections. The combination of ingredients also supports beautiful colour pigments too, so your fish will be as healthy as possible - inside and out.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Adult Fish: 1 - 2 times per day
  • Young Fish: 3 - 4 times per day
  • Only feed as much as your feed will eat, and remove all uneaten food after 20 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Newly developed food sticks for meat-eating Cichlids and other larger fish species.
  • 6-7mm in diameter.
  • Made of proteins as well as fats that solely derive from fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Also suitable for East African Cichlids such as Cyphotilapia and many Haplochromis.
  • Vitamins and natural extracts promote health and enhance brilliant colouring.

Crude protein 42 %
Crude fat 5 %
Crude fibre 3 %
Crude ash 9,5 %

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