JBL Pro AquaTest Mg-Ca Magnesium-Calcium

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The JBL Pro AquaTest Mg-Ca determines the magnesium / calcium level in marine aquariums. These elements need to be closely monitored to ensure your aquarium has the optimum conditions for your corals. This product replaces JBL's old Magnesium / Calcium Test Set.


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Product Information

Magnesium and Calcium are both used by corals, invertebrates and coralline algae for healthy skeletal formations and strong shells. In a well-stocked tank, these levels are naturally depleted so must be checked using a test kit like JBL Pro AquaTest Mg-Ca and restored routinely for a healthy tank.

To use, first carry out the calcium test, then the magnesium test. Subtract the result of the calcium test from the result of the magnesium test - the result gives you the magnesium content.

Box Contains: 1 test kit Mg and 1 test kit Ca, incl. 5 reagents, 2 plastic cuvettes, syringe and dosing spoon.

Recommended Calcium Value: Marine water aquarium: 1200-1600 mg/l

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