JBL Pro AquaTest Permanent CO2-pH

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JBL Pro AquaTest Permanent CO2-pH is a permanent test to determine the acidity / carbon dioxide content in freshwater aquariums. This product replaces JBL's Permanent CO2/pH Test Kit.


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Product Information

JBL Pro AquaTest Permanent CO2-pH will give constant readings of the CO2 and pH values in your aquarium. The pH value is important, as the right balance in your aquarium is vital for healthy plant growth. The CO2 level is also imperative for plant growth.

This efficient test will constantly measure the level of carbon dioxide and provide results via the indicator pane. CO2 diffuses via the water into the test unit, which changes the colour of the indicator patch and as a result the pH reading too.

To use, place reagent in the permanent test device and attach to the aquarium pane using suction cups. Compare reagent colour with colour scale sticker and read off the value. Indicates pH value (6.4 - 7.8) and CO2 content.

Box Contains: 1 CO2-pH permanent test, display vessel with suction cup, 1 reagent (+ 1x refill) and colour scale sticker.

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    Date 29/11/2020 08:11am
    JBL Permanent CO2-pH Refill
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    Used before great product
  • Rating
    Date 24/01/2020 10:01am
    JBL Pro AquaTest Permanent CO2-pH
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    Easy to set up and works well. Was worried that my bigger fish would knock it off the glass but it doesn't move.