JBL ProClean Bac 50ml

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The JBL ProClean Bac helps maintain healthy fish and clear, clean aquarium water. The ProClean Bac is a living cleansing bacteria for immediate aid. Order online today from Swell UK.


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Product Information

Bacteria are not always negative organisms! In the soil and in the water, they are among the most important and useful helpers for such activities as removing toxins or converting them into harmless substances. Several JBL bacterial products contain highly concentrated bacterial strains designed for such purposes as converting problematic nitrogen compounds, such as ammonium (NH4), ammonia (NH3) and nitrite into harmless nitrogen compounds (nitrate (NO3) or nitrogen gas (N2)).

Live bacterial cultures in JBL products like JBL ProClean Bac, JBL Denitrol, JBL FilterStart and JBL FilterBoost can't be overdosed! This is because the bacteria may be added in over-concentration, but the survival of the bacteria is linked to the available nutrients. If, for example, a lot of ammonium is present, many bacteria can live on it and reproduce. If there is hardly any ammonium, only a part of the bacteria will survive. Here, supply and demand regulate the amount of bacteria.

  • Use: shake disposable cartridge, open and put entire content into the aquarium. Ideal for 60-200 litres freshwater.
  • Always use after: water change, filter cleaning, medication and adding of new fish.
  • Breaks down ammonium/ammonia and nitrite. Supports the filter and reduces sludge (dirt on the ground).
  • Package contents: 1 disposable cartridge with 50 ml concentrate of living cleansing bacteria for freshwater aquariums.

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