JBL Proflora Bio 100

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Help your planted aquarium develop right with this JBL Proflora Bio 100 from Swell UK, read on for the benefits.


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Product Information

The JBL ProFlora 100 range consists of two separate components. It supplies the essential nutrient CO2 to a planted aquarium, this is vital for beautiful, healthy plant growth and fish health.

Lasting for around 45 days, this system provides 50 litres (approx. 100g) of CO2 using a biologically friendly system of microorganisms. It does need a pressure flask, using just a simple set of equipment that is easy to install.

Component 1 is the reaction flask complete with nutrients.

Component 2 contains the micro-organisms that work with Component 1 to create carbon dioxide.

Please note that these items are bought separately.

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