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JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set System U

CO2 fertiliser system to promote plant life

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  • Advanced CO2 fertiliser system for aquatic plants
  • Suitable for freshwater aquariums from 40 to 600 l
  • Kit includes disposable cylinder and night switch-off
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What is the JBL PrFlora CO2 Advanced Set System U?

The JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set System U is a ready-to-install CO2 fertiliser system that includes a disposable cylinder and solenoid valve for night switch off. The CO2 system provides the perfect supply for all aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums up to 600 l while preventing algae growth. This CO2 system also includes a CO2/pH permanent test to check the correct CO2 concentration in your aquarium water.

What are some of the features of this JBL Advanced CO2 kit?

JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set doses the right amount of CO2 into the water to promote optimal plant health. With the use of a pressure regulator and diffuser, this system ensures that not only is the pressure correct, but that carbon dioxide is also distributed evenly for maximum effect.

JBL's night-time switch off device is also included in this Advanced kit, which will reduce CO2 usage by half. By using a timer (not included), the device shuts off the carbon dioxide at night. Consequently, the supply lasts longer, saving you money and energy. Accessories and fertiliser are also provided for professional results every time. The in-tank test is used to provide permanent readings of carbon dioxide levels and pH values.

Featuring a fantastic range of components, the ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set is cleverly designed with a refillable storage cylinder that is TÜV-tested. No hose slippage occurs thanks to the hose screw connections while the check valve prevents water from entering the cylinder. Completely user-friendly, the pressure gauges are designed to show the cylinder and working pressure.

Package contents

  • 500 g disposable CO2 cylinder
  • Pressure reducer with solenoid valve
  • Night switch-off (time switch sold separately)
  • Taifun CO2 reactor and extension set
  • Bubble counter with backflow valve
  • 3 m CO2-proof hose
  • CO2/pH permanent test with reagents
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