JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10

CO2 reactor for freshwater aquariums

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  • Ensures even distribution of CO2 through your planted aquarium
  • Suitable for freshwater aquariums from 40-400 l
  • Operation without additional pump, no separate bubble counter required
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What is the JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10?

JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10 is an expandable CO2 reactor for healthy plant and fish growth in freshwater aquariums. Suitable for tanks from 40 to 400 litres from a height of 20 cm, this CO2 diffuser is easy to install and features suction holders to position the reactor in your aquarium. 

What are the features of this CO2 reactor?

The ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10 shares CO2 throughout your aquarium evenly and carefully to effectively benefit plants and fish. The unit can be used with virtually any CO2 unit to ensure that all of the tank receives the right amount of carbon dioxide. A secure lid on the canister ensures that not a single bubble of CO2 is wasted. A separate bubble counter or pump drive are not required, saving both cost and space in your aquarium. This CO2 reactor can also be completely dismounted for easy cleaning. 

JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10 package contents

  • CO2 high diffusion reactor with 10 modules
  • Bottom module with hose connection
  • Collecting cap module on top
  • 4 holding clips with suction cups
  • 2 m special CO2 hose

What is the JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral extension?

The JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral Extend is an extension module for the JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral 10 as well as CO2 reactors for changing to larger aquariums or for higher water hardness. The extension pack contains 5 separate modules which can be used to build the desired unit and increase the supply of CO2. It increases the capacity by 100 litres at 10⁰ dKH or 200 litres at 4⁰ dKH.

JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Spiral Extend package contents

  • Extension for CO2 high diffusion reactor
  • 1 suction cup
  • 1 holding clip
Product Handy Hints
JBL ProFlora Taifun M CO2 Diffuser Maintainance: CO2-vario consists of grey coloured makrolon which helps to prevent algae growth inside the bubble path. If required, clean the unit under clean running tap water. If cleaning is necessary, simply dismantle the unit by pulling the modular sections apart. After cleaning, simply re-assemble the unit. The modular sections have latchings that must be seated correctly to make an uninterrupted bubble path. The bubble path can be extended by inserting any number of extension sets (MC112).
JBL ProFlora Taifun Extend For aquarium height over 30 cm (12") - Extends the CO2 diffusion length by 50 cm (20") - Simple to fit between the modular parts of the vario reactor.
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