JBL Spongi

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Remove stubbord bits of dirt and algae from your aquarium glass with this JBL Spongi, made even more affordable at Swell UK where prices are at their lowest ever!


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Product Information

The JBL Spongi is a great piece of equipment to keep your aquarium clean.

This robust green sponge can be used to clean algae marks, dirt and even calcium deposits from the glass of your aquarium. It can also be used in a terrarium.

The rough texture of the sponge will remove algae and grime without scratching the surface for great results.

Made from a neutral material, the Spongi will not leach any colours or pollutants into the water.

Simply use, rinse and repeat for a sparkling, clean tank.


  • Product Length: 115mm
  • Product Width: 90mm

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