JBL The 7 Balls (Kugelin)

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If you want to get the best out of your planted aquarium, you should take a look at these JBL The 7 Balls (Kugelin) - nutrition packed spheres that can be added to your water as a supplement to give your plants a huge boost of essential factors.


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Product Information

JBL the 7 Balls are a long term fertiliser, which will provide all of the nutrients your planted aquarium needs for lush growth.

Iron especially, is vital for healthy plant development, and these nutrient packed spheres will deliver it straight from the roots. They also contain the trace elements that all plants require. The nutrients are released slowly over a long period, to ensure the best results.

This type of supplement is ideal for plants such as echinodori or cryptocory-nae that absorb sustenance via the roots. As the balls do not contain any nitrates or phosphates, this lessens the chance of an algae problem.

The 7 Balls are best for an established tank, for a new aquarium try Ferropol to boost iron and all other trace elements.

To use: simply press one or more balls into the root area once a year.

Key Features:

  • Primary care for plant roots: specially produced clay balls, loaded with nutrients, for freshwater aquariums.
  • Storage capacity for nutrients. No deficiency symptoms: important trace elements such as iron, minerals.
  • Optimal promotion of plant growth means less algae growth. No phosphates and nitrates.
  • Strong root formation in plants is a sign of high nutrient absorption through the roots.
  • Package contents: 1 pack The 7 balls, 7 fertiliser balls. To use: depending on the size of the plant, press one or more balls into the root zone once a year.

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