JBL u403 CO2 Set

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Featuring everything you need to get started with a CO2 fed planted aquarium, this JBL u403 CO2 Set is top-of-the-range and won't let you down. Order here at Swell UK to get it at the best price.


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Product Information

The JBL Pro Flora u403 is a CO2 fertilizer system with 500 g disposable cylinder and pH control instrument.

Carbon dioxide is vital in a planted aquarium to ensure lush plant growth. This kit has everything needed to ensure that aquariums of 50-400 litres have the perfect level of CO2.

The pH control device automatically controls the CO2 supply and adjusts to the pH level selected. Calibration fluid is included in the kit, but electrodes must be purchased separately.

The pressure regulator has a pre-set pressure, so readjustment is not required, it also has 2 pressure gauges to display the residual pressure in both the cylinder and pressure set. However, the unit can be readusted if required.

The kit also includes a JBL Taifurn diffuser to expertly disseminate the CO2 around the aquarium, plus other accessories for a professional finish.

The CO2 cylinders can be replaced as needed.

Key Features:

  • 500g CO2 cylinder
  • Pressure Regulator
  • pH control instrument
  • JBL Taifun CO2 diffuser reactor 190mm
  • Non return valve
  • 2m x hose
  • CH test
  • Includes JBL Ferropol 24 and liquid fertilizer.
  • 110 - 240V; 50 - 60Hz

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