JBL U502 CO2 Set

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Aquatic plants need a CO2 delivery system to grow properly, and you can set one up using this sophisticated JBL U502 CO2 Set from Swell UK at a great price.


  • Proflora u502 CO2 Set
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Product Information

The JBL u502 CO2 Set is a new version of the existing JBL Easy Set 2. This complete CO2 Set with disposable CO2 bottle and night-time switch-off is excellent for tropical planted aquaria up to 250litres.

The kit will ensure that the correct dose of CO2 is pumped into the water, promoting the very best plant health. Using a pressure regulator and diffuser, the system ensures not only the correct pressure but also even distribution of carbon dioxide for optimum results.

This advanced kit also includes a JBL Night Time Cut Off device, which will half the amount of CO2 used. It is not needed at night, so by using a timer (not included) the device shuts off the carbon dioxide. This means the supply lasts longer, saving money and energy.

Accessories and fertiliser are also included for professional results every time. To monitor levels of carbon dioxide and the pH value, there's even an in tank test to supply permanent readings.

What's in the box?

  • Disposable 500 g CO2 cylinder.
  • Pressure reducer.
  • Night switch-off (time switch sold separately).
  • Diffuser.
  • Bubble counter with backflow stop.
  • 3 m CO2-proof hose.
  • CO2/pH test.
  • Basic and daily fertiliser.

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    JBL Proflora u502 CO2 Set
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