JBL WishWash

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A dual action cleaning system, this JBL WishWash makes short work of the mess on your aquarium or terrarium, removing dirt and smudges and removing the material that causes them. Shiny!


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Product Information

The JBL WishWash is a two part cleaning system for any aquarium or terrarium. Ingenious in design and effect, this cleaning kit is a must have for any fish keeper.

The cloth is perfect to clean the outside of the tank to remove smudges and smears, and keep the aquarium looking good. It will even remove light traces of lime scale.

The thick sponge is great to remove algae and even lime scale from the inside of the aquarium. It soaks up the dirt as it is removed, without polluting the aquarium. The sponge has an amazing absorption capacity, thanks to the superfine filaments used in its production.

Both the cloth and sponge are free of chemicals and toxins, so will not affect the delicate balance within your aquarium.

Rinse the sponge well after use to remove algae and dirt. Both the cloth and sponge can be washed at 60⁰C to keep them in great shape. They dry very quickly too!

Includes 1 x cloth and 1 x sponge.

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