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Juwel Day-Lite T8 Tubes

These aquarium T8 tubes give your aquarium life the light they need

At a glance...
  • T8 day lighting tube bulbs for aquarium lighting
  • 6,500 Kelvin colour temperature
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all fittings
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What are Juwel Day-Lite T8 Tubes?

Juwel Day-Lite T8 Tubes are fluorescent bulbs for a variety of T8 light units. The tubes produce the bright white light needed to highlight the brilliant colour effects offered by the most vibrant organisms in the animal and plant world. While the fluorescent lamps are suitable for use with a wide range of light units, they are particularly well suited for use alongside the Juwel Colour Lite T8 lamps in any Juwel aquarium light unit.

What are the benefits of these tubes?

These tubes are also made from high-quality materials offering a more durable light quality compared to other fluorescent tube lighting options. Each Day-Lite fluorescent lamp creates a special light spectrum with a 6,500 Kelvin colour temperature that encourages lush plant growth and enhances natural colours. 

What's the difference between the bulbs in this range?

The lamps in this range come in three sizes; 438mm, 590mm and 895mm. The larger the tube, the more power needed to power it, with the smallest tube requiring 15W and the largest needing double.



Brand Juwel


Model Length Wattage
86115 438mm 15W
86118 590mm 18W
86130 895mm 30W
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