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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

Juwel Heaterstat 50-300W

Ensure your tropical aquarium is always at the right temperature

At a glance...
  • Automatic heater ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium
  • Heaters range from 50-300W and will achieve a water temperature of around +28°C
  • Made with shock proof and heat resistant safety glass
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Renowned for their expert aquatic products, Juwel presents this range of comprehensive, intelligent heaters.

Available in four types from 50 watts to 300, the heaters are shockproof and heat resistant, so can withstand long use whilst perfectly heating your aquarium.

Using top quality silver contacts, the heaters are reliable and accurate and will ensure that your tropical aquarium is always at the right temperature.

The adjustable heaters come supplied with fittings so they can be incorporated into most Juwel Biofilter filter systems in your Juwel Aquarium or it can of course be placed independently within your tank.

Please note the dial design has now changed. Please see attached image for a closeup.

Product  Tank compatibility Guarantee Wattage
Juwel Heater 50W Up to 70l 2 years 50W
Juwel Heater 100W Up to 150l 2 years 100W
Juwel Heater 200W Up to 260ltrs 2 years 200W
Juwel Heater 300W Up to 400ltrs 2 years 300W
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