Juwel HeliaLux LED Splitter

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The Juwel Helialux Splitter is the matching adapter for operating up to two HeliaLux LED light units via HeliaLux SmartControl. No adapter is required for operating one HeliaLux Spectrum light unit via HeliaLux SmartControl.


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Product Information

The HeliaLux splitters enable you to operate up to two HeliaLux light units via HeliaLux SmartControl. The water-tight safety fasteners comply with the highest safety requirements. Installing the splitter between the light unit and the controller is really easy and straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly connector system.

This splitter can also be used to enable you to use the new Spectrum HeliaLux SmartControl with the standard HeliaLux light unit (Not the Spectrum model).

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