Juwel HiFlex Reflectors

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Juwel Light Reflectors for T5 and T8 light units help you get the most out of the electrical energy expended by your lighting system, directing more of the light down towards your aquarium where it is needed.


  • HiFlex Reflector 438mm 24w T5 / 15w T8 Sale
    code: 86010 In stock Only 3 left in stock
  • HiFlex Reflector 590mm 28w T5 / 18w T8 Sale
    code: 86012 In stock Less than 10 in stock
  • HiFlex Reflector 742mm 35w T5 / 25w T8 Sale
    code: 86014 In stock Only 3 left in stock
  • HiFlex Reflector 895mm 45w T5 / 30w T8 Sale
    code: 86016 In stock Only 4 left in stock
  • HiFlex Reflector 1047mm 54w T5 / 38w T8 Sale
    code: 86018 In stock Only 2 left in stock
  • Hi Flex Reflector 1200mm 54w T5 / 36w T8 Sale
    code: 86020 In stock Only 4 left in stock

Product Information

Juwel Light Reflectors are suitable for use with both T8 Juwel High-Lite units and can greatly increase light intensity on to your aquarium, as they ensure all of the light is directed into the aquarium.

Suitable for lamps from 24 watts to 54 watts.

These reflectors are highly recommended for use with all Juwel Light Tubes and include heavy-duty clips for easy attachment.

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