Juwel Marine LED Tube

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Juwel Marine LED Tubes are for use with the Juwel MultiLux LED lighting unit, and provide you with an energy efficient light choice, that is perfect for marine systems, and provides great light for corals.


  • Marine LED 438mm 12w
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  • Marine LED 590mm 14w
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  • Marine LED 742mm 19w
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  • Marine LED 895mm 23w
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  • Marine LED 1047mm 29w
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  • Marine LED 1200mm 31w
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Product Information

The energy-saving LED Marine lighting has a striking brightness, and the special light spectrum, which emulates the light conditions of a coral reef, is perfect when paired with the Blue LED bulb. This emits a clear white light, that helps to encourage healthy coral growth, as well as providing excellent viewing.

Please note - this is only suitable for MultiLux LED lighting units, and is not compatible with any other T5 light units.

  • Brilliant white light with 14000 Kelvin
  • Particularly well-suited to salt water aquariums
  • Promotes coral growth
  • Ideally combinable with LED Blue

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