Juwel Multilux LED Light Unit

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A high-performance LED lighting for all RIO, LIDO, VISION and TRIGON aquariums. The MultiLux LED is the new LED standard for all JUWEL aquariums with energy saving of up to 50% in comparison to conventional T5 light units.


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Product Information

The MultiLux LED is a high-performance, energy-saving LED light unit for your JUWEL aquarium. The replaceable DAY and NATURE LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum for plants and fish, while saving up to 50 % of energy in comparison to T5 light units at the same time.

Up to 50% energy saving in comparison to T5 fluorescent tubes, due to energy-saving LED DAY and NATURE lighting media. The DAY and NATURE LED tubes, which are installed in the factory, ensure a broad light spectrum, promote plant growth and emphasise the colours in their underwater world. Replaceable real glass LED lighting media enable the simple replacement of the LED lighting media. The high-tech membrane within the Multilux LED prevents moisture penetration and promotes controlled air exchange. Compatible with all JUWEL aquariums with a permanently-installed top frame. Such as RIO, LIDO, VISION and TRIGON.

Aquarium Size Guide:

  • MultiLux 55 (2x 12w) Fits - Trigon 350, Delta 80 and Lido 100
  • MultiLux 60 (2x 12w) Fits - Lido 120
  • MultiLux 70 (2x 14w) Fits - Trigon 190, Delta 100, Delta 300 & Lido 200
  • MultiLux 80 (2x 14w) Fits - Rio 125 and Panorama 80
  • MultiLux 92 (2x 19w) Fits - Vision 180
  • MultiLux 100 (2x 23w) Fits - Rio 180, Panorama 100 , Trigon 350 and Delta 300
  • MultiLux 1200 (2x 29w) Fits - Rio 240, Rio 300, Vision 260 and Panorama 200

Each MultiLux LED unit comes complete with a 1 year warrenty.

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 14/10/2019 08:10am
    Juwel Multilux LED 60 (60cm)
    Feefo Logo
    Good LED system. Brilliant
  • Rating
    Date 02/05/2019 18:05pm
    Juwel Multilux LED 55 (55cm)
    Feefo Logo
    More powerful than my previous lights.
  • Rating
    Date 18/04/2019 07:04am
    Juwel Multilux LED 120 (120cm)
    Feefo Logo
    Transformed my fish-tank great
  • Rating
    Date 10/01/2019 05:01am
    Juwel Multilux LED 92 (92cm)
    Feefo Logo
    Exactly as described, arrived promptly
  • Rating
    Date 07/11/2018 06:11am
    Juwel Multilux LED 120 (120cm)
    Feefo Logo
    Packed up after 6 months and what a performance to get it replaced
  • Rating
    Date 12/10/2018 08:10am
    Juwel Multilux LED 55 (55cm)
    Feefo Logo
    Fantastic product - I bought this to replace the old light unit in my Lido 100 which I’ve had for over 15 years. I’m so impressed with the depth of the colours in my tank, especially the greens! It’s great that I can still get replacement products for my tank and Juwel customer service was very helpful to ensure I ordered the correct size.
  • Rating
    Date 26/08/2018 09:08am
    Juwel Multilux LED 60 (60cm)
    Feefo Logo
    much improved on old lights brighter and more efficient
  • Rating
    Date 27/01/2018 09:01am
    Juwel Multilux LED 120 (120cm)
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    Gives wonderful clear light in the aquarium.
  • Rating
    Date 25/09/2017 13:09pm
    Juwel Multilux LED 55 (55cm)
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    Can't have not received yet!