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Juwel Primo 60 Aquarium

A great fish tank for beginners and experienced fishkeepers alike

At a glance...
  • Modern 60 l fish tank
  • Features 8W LED light plus a bioflow filter and pump
  • 2-year guarantee
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The Juwel Primo 60 is a great fish tank for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike. Everything needed is included in the tank, from filters to lighting. A heater is also included should you wish to set up a tropical tank.

With a sleek black lid and a stylish tank, the Primo is an attractive aquarium, that will look great wherever you keep it. At 42 cm tall the tank is taller than more traditional styles and as such the added height allows for bigger plants.

The Bioflow Super filter included provides excellent filtration with the three types of media included. It also has a low volume 280 circulation pump to circulate the water expertly. A 50 watt adjustable heater is integrated into the pump, to make sure the water maintains the correct temperature.

The hood of the Primo 60 folds back easily to allow for easy maintenance and feeding. The LED lighting fits easily into the hood, and provides excellent coverage.

Dimensions: 61 x 31 x 37 cm (L x W x H)

At a glance:

  • Juwel Primo 60 (Aquarium capacity: 60 litres / 13.9 gallons)
  • Novo Luv LED light unit
  • Juwel Bioflow Filter & Pump
  • Filter media and replacement schedule - Poly Pad, Carbon Sponge, Nitrax 3.0, Sponge Fine 3.0
  • Juwel Water Heater (50 Watt)
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Weight 12.5kg
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